When you know how to take care of your knife, it will last for generations. Here are five tips to extending the lifespan of your favourite kitchen accessory.

1. The dishwasher will ruin your knife, so never put it in the dishwasher.

Rinse with warm water and wipe dry after use and it’ll look great for years. The dishwasher can cause damage so please use organic dish soap on a dish cloth instead of dishwashing liquid directly on the iron.

2. Always use a wooden chopping board.

DO NOT cut on a glass or hard plastic board as it will dull or chip your knife. Always use a board made from wood to protect your knife and maintain its sharpness.

3. Avoid hacking at bone, frozen food or dense vegetables.

Your chef’s knife was forged for precision, not brute force. Its blade is too thin to hack through hard things. These include frozen food, small bones, and hard vegetables, especially root vegetables. Hacking wastes your knife’s edge. Extremely thin blades are designed to slice not hack or twist. They require a delicate touch in order to work properly. Please exercise care when cutting food.

4. To extend the life of your knife, always keep it sharpened.

Sharpening your blade with a honing rod is easier than bringing it back from being dull. When your knife loses its edge, use a 3000 (or higher) grit stones or honing rod to give the blade a few strokes to sharpen it quickly. If it goes blunt, use #1000 (or lower) stone to resharpen then finish with 3000 or higher grit stone.

5. Put the knife so everyone would see ūüėČ

We recommend storing your knife on a magnetic wooden rack. Since it’s easy to attach to any flat surface, you’ll be able to place it anywhere in your kitchen, which also makes for easy access when you’re ready to use it. It doesn’t have to be stashed away, it’ll look good displayed right on your wall.

Taking care of your knife will bring you additional satisfaction to use you knife again, and again… Enjoy!